Testimonials It doesn’t get much easier..

I use this to clean my white gold diamond engagement ring. It's quick and easy to use and really does a good job getting down in between the stones and in the settings (it has 3 stones). You simply remove the cap, wet the brush, twist until the blue cleaner comes out, clean away, rinse, and replace the cap. It doesn't get much easier than that. It really does a nice job cleaning up the ring, but personally, I find that in order to get the same effect as the ultrasonic cleaner at the jewellery store, you need to take a multi-step approach. This stick is simply one step in that process for me. I feel that cleaning cloths provide a shine and sparkle that cannot be beat. I use one made by this same company (Connoisseurs). It has a white cloth for cleaning and a lavender one for shining. Even after soaking, scrubbing, and shining, that cloth will still find and remove dirt!

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