How to Clean Garnet

Garnet, the birthstone for the month of January, is from a large family of gemstones which are found in a rainbow of colors. The most familiar member of the garnet family is the brownish-red color favored by Victorian jewellery makers and modern-day designers alike. Green Tsavorite and Demantoid garnets are much rarer and command higher prices. Garnets score a 7.5 to 8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, which means they are strong stones. However, a garnet can still be scratched or chipped, so it’s essential to be gentle during the cleaning process. You should remove garnet jewellery when cleaning, gardening, or going to the gym.
The best way to clean garnets that are set in gold or platinum is to use Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewellery Cleaner. With this non-toxic cleanser, you can utilize a fresh solution every time you clean for the most effective results. You can also try Connoisseurs Fine Jewellery Cleaner in the familiar red jar.
If your garnet jewellery is set in silver, use Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Silver Jewellery Cleansing Crème. This solution cleans and removes tarnish from silver and is safe to use on all gemstones.
We do not recommend ultrasonic cleaning devices for garnets. However, our LaSonic Safewave or LaSonic Jewellery Bath are both deemed safe.

Mohs Hardness

Color Range
Color range deep reds, shades orange, light yellows, purple, pinks and greens.